Ping Pong Ornament

December 01, 2016

Ping Pong Ornament

This is a fun little ornament designed by our very own Sherry Murtle and can be used to adorn presents or trees!

Be creative with adding favorite colors of yarns for the hat. I selected school colors, but sport teams etc. could be used for these. I topped mine with a pom pom made from the sock material. You can be creative by adding a small bell or buttons on the brim. Hope you have fun with the pattern! 

This pattern includes small objects that could become a choking hazard for people or animals who put objects in their mouth. Not intended for a toy for humans or animals. You may sell items made from this pattern, or make for personal use. 

This pattern may not be sold, or altered to be published in any way without the permission of the author, Sherry Murtle. 

Aleens Clear Gel Tacky Glue
Fiber Fill ( for slight hat stuffing- do not need much, just a pinch)
Ping Pong Ball
Sharpe Marker (colors Red /Black)
Size 2 Knitting Needle – cable length to magic loop with
Darning Needle
Size 2 Sock weight variegated Yarn (school or team colors)
size 2 sock weight yarn – White (for brim)
Bell, Pom Pom, buttons – etc.
(To make Pom Pom – wrap thread sock thread 75 times around two fingers. Cut thread, cut another piece of thread (approximately 12 inches, and tie around wrapped thread in the middle section to secure. Repeat multiple times to make pom pom secure. Cut loops to create and shape pom pom while holding the tie off thread.
(DO NOT cut the tie off thread) You this use this longer length thread to attach to end of hat.)

CO = Cast On
K = Knit
P = Purl
St = Stitch
K2tog = knit 2 together

CO 32 stitches using White sock weight yarn.
Work Ribbing (K1, P1) for 13 rows
Join Variegated Yarn for row 14
row 14: Knit
row 15-22: repeat row 14

Decreasing Hat
decrease row *
*Row 23: (k2, k2tog) Repeat around (you will not be able on the last repeat to knit 2 tog)
Row 24-28: Knit
*Row 29 (K1, K2tog) Repeat around
Row 30-34: knit
*Row 35: (k2tog) Repeat around

Working an I-Cord with remaining stitches. Work until desired length for various options. To finish off cut thread, using darning needle, work though loops and finish off. (Can make I-cord long enough to knot, add Pom Pom, bell, buttons etc. to personalized. Be creative and have fun!)

Fold Brim of hat upward and tack in place with edge of hat meeting Row 14 (start row of variegated yarn)

Tie in loose ends in had to finish (break out your Sharpe Red /black!) Face Drawing: To make eyes, make two dots for eyes. Circle out eyes to desired width shape keeping the circle form. Eyelash drawn on the outer edge of eyes, make mall outward movements to make lashes.

To make heart make two circles touch, then make upside down triangle for point of heart. (Be Creative!) - mouth can be circle or U shape!

Fit hat to ping pong ball making sure not to cover face drawings, glue in place to Ping pong ball with glue only on the brim to attach. Let dry thoroughly.

To make a thread hanger for the hat, cut a 12 inch piece of thread. Place both ends of thread together to fold in half. Thread darning needle with both ends. Using small finger place in loop of thread as you insert into hat at desired fold in hat. I inserted needle approximately between the row 29 and 35th row decrease section of hat. In the middle section of hat insert needle into both materials front and back, then turn needle around once on the back side and reinsert to come back to front. Remove finger from loop and insert needle into loop. Pull up to tight and knot and trim ends to desired hanger length.

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